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Becca’s Hype: Top stories from the last week and an Instagram update!

After a summer break we’re back with all the latest social media updates from the last week.
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Becca’s Hype: Google I/O, Snapchat, and Instagram

Welcome to Becca’s Hype! This week we cover Instagram’s new emoji slider, Snapchat’s latest design change, and swoon at the announcements from Google I/O.
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Becca’s Hype: Two social updates, one controversy, and a mysterious decision.

Welcome to the first Becca’s Hype of November – how are we this close to Christmas already? This week we take a look at new features from Instagram and Facebook (surprise surprise), a Google Docs controversy and a mysterious move by Amazon.
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Becca’s Hype: Facebook Fight Fake News

This week we look at a lot of things to do with Facebook. New publisher logos, blocked pages, and a status update to WhatsApp.
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Becca’s Hype: Autoplay Everywhere

This week, everyone jumps on the autoplay bandwagon.
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Becca’s Hype: Google tries to break your bubble

This week we’re seeing very different directions being taken in the social media world, with Google trying to distance you from your friends, whilst Amazon tries to get you to chat more to them.
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Becca’s Hype: Everyone goes crazy for notifications

This week, social media platforms have been going wild for notifications – but not in the way you might expect.
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