Discovery and Strategy

Discovery & Strategy

Success comes from fully understanding your business.

We invest time learning about you and your goals, your audience, your message, brand and services, and we explore the market you’re in.

A combination of workshops, heads-down research and casual conversations yields the information from which we produce a communication strategy and measurement plan. This serves as a blueprint for all our work.

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Creating the plan

Using the tailored blueprint, our goal is to carry your audience through each stage of their journey, from the first time they discover you right through to getting in touch and becoming your client (which is commonly referred to as the ‘sales funnel’).

Almost all of our campaigns include an element from each of our core services (Social Media Engagement, Search Engine Visibility, Websites & Performance) to increase enquiries, signups or sales through your websites.

We call this integrated digital marketing, and this ensures we capture your audience at every opportunity, guiding them to take the next step. In fact, we have a name for it: the Exceptional Interaction.

Launch the campaign

Our process is one of continuous innovation, where we keep learning, changing and improving the campaign and activity.

First, we’ll build your campaign ready for launch, implementing the tailored marketing plan we’ve created together.

Once your campaign is live, we’ll measure its performance, by collecting data and tracking the behaviour of your users, then sharing these insights with you in a format that’s easy to understand.

From this, we can learn from the progress of your campaign, using the results we’ve measured to understand the impact of our activity, then put our informed recommendations into place.

The outcome: increased awareness of your content, brand and message, and significantly more customers and clients each month.

See how we apply our approach to each of our core services.