My competitors consistently appear above us on Google maps, we’ve just launched a new site and all of our traffic has disappeared, I want to make sure my website is optimised for search engines.

Most website owners

We get it, you want to make sure your brand and website are well represented in Google and increase website visitors and ultimately conversions. So let’s come up with a strategy of achieving your goals in search.

We get to know your audience and the search results relevant to your website, hunt for any technical roadblocks in your website’s code and help you create the content you’ll need to succeed.

Anna Corbett
Anna Corbett Head of search
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How does SEO work?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is not a magic button or a secret art. It just means understanding the way search engines work and creating content and website code that fit the requirements. Often that just means some changes to your website copy, fixing some underlying technical issues or creating some great new content.

Sometimes, when the competition in search engines is too tough, or you need traffic NOW, a paid search campaign can do the trick, too. PPC (Google Ads) and SEO can work well together. 

Organic search was responsible for 53%* of average website traffic in 2019, with paid search generating  15%.*  But we have seen some of our clients rely on Google for over 65% of their website traffic.

*Search Engine Land

How we work to increase your website traffic

We’ll likely recommend a variety of services to suit your business requirements from the list below. We follow the build, measure, learn methodology to ensure we learn something useful from every change we make.

  • Build

    • Changes to site architecture
    • On page optimisation
    • Technical SEO changes
    • Content creation
    • Site migration
    • Local SEO (Google Maps)
    • Paid search campaign strategy, ad creation and setup
  • Measure

    • Data analysis, including tracking and traffic analysis and ranking changes
    • Customer-journey mapping
    • Market research
    • Paid search campaign management
  • Learn

    • Keyword research
    • Intent analysis
    • Competitor analysis
    • Search landscape analysis
    • Technical site audit
    • Content audit
    • Link analysis

Case study: SMS plc

SMS plc, a company in the energy sector, asked us for help with their search engine visibility as they wanted to gain more exposure in search and really showcase their strong authority in the energy sector. We have been happily working with them to achieve this and new goals.

  • 73%

    increase in organic traffic

  • 2x+

    conversions from organic search

  • 88%

    increase in search visibility for tracked terms

  • 2x

    a month report calls with Anna

Anna Corbett

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