Help! Our site’s also slow, hard to use, is missing pages, doesn’t work on mobile phones, doesn’t represent our business, has old content, and we can’t update it ourselves.

Most website owners

Don’t worry, recognising problems is the first step to fixing them. We can help you make improvements in all the above areas with the same structured approach.

Our approach to optimising your website is always based on a forensic analysis of your website analytics and intimate knowledge of your audience.

Greg Mileham Head of Websites & Performance
Tiled structure

How do I know what needs changing?

Leave it to us. We’ll evaluate the challenges your business is facing, where your website performance is lacking and recommend the options that will have the most significant effect.

We’ll manage everything for you: Understanding your challenges, interrogating your web data, proposing solutions, hosting the optimised pages on our testing platform and analysing the results ready for the next iteration.

We’re just as happy working with in-house teams and agencies.

If you’re one of the 78%* of businesses who are unsatisfied with their conversion rate, there’s no time to lose.


How we set about increasing your conversions

We’ll likely recommend a variety of optimisation services to suit your business requirements from the list below. We follow the build, measure, learn methodology to ensure we learn something useful from every experiment.

  • Build

    • Landing-page optimisation
    • Email marketing
    • Website design and information architecture
    • Copywriting
    • Mobile website and app optimisation
    • Creating videos that convert
    • Products and services optimisation
  • Measure

    • A/B and multivariate testing
    • User experience (UX), including usability testing
    • Shopping cart abandonment
  • Learn

    • Data analysis, including tracking, traffic analysis, and conjoint analysis
    • Customer-journey mapping
    • Market research

Case study: Bates Wells, UK top 100 law firm

Bates Wells’ updated brand and persona needed representing online. We investigated existing user behaviour and researched search competitors in all industries to create a site which represents the brand, is intuitive to use, and performs well against their targets.

  • 44%

    drop in bounce rate

  • 20%

    increase in average session duration

Bates Wells, a long standing client of Base Creative, wanted to take advantage of our data-driven solutions. The previous website’s technology and structure had become outdated, and a new brand launch presented the ideal opportunity to explore a more relevant way to represent Bates Wells online and engage with their audiences.

Development was based on a detailed period of discovery into their new brand, desired audiences, business goals and existing site. We suggested a number of quantifiable hypotheses which we could iterate on. This gave Bates Wells reassurance that the recommended design and functionality are based in research, and open to change.

The results so far are very positive – we’ve seen a 44% reduction in bounce rate across the site, and a 20% increase in average session duration. Page speed has been kept well within recommended limits, and we’re getting great feedback on the usability of the site.

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