I don’t know whether I am using social media effectively, We have lots of followers but nobody seems to like what we post, we would like to know what people are saying about us on social media.

Most business owners

So you want to make sure your business makes the most of social media, but you don’t quite know how. That’s ok, it’s hard. Just because you chat with your family on Facebook, doesn’t mean you automatically know how to run a Facebook ad campaign! Let us help you with that.

We get to know your audience and your business intrinsically and make sure to choose the right channels and post engaging content. We’ll tailor a social media strategy to achieve the goals you have set out for your business.

Becca Holloway
Becca Holloway Social media consultant
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But which social media channels are best for my business

Whether it’s Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or TikTok [insert other social media channel here, we know them all], we know social media inside out. Based on audience research we propose which social network will work best for your business, and what content is going to appeal to your target market the most.

What we do to make social work for you

We’ll likely recommend a variety of services to suit your business requirements from the list below. We follow the build, measure, learn methodology to ensure we learn something useful from every change we make.

  • Build

    • Social media management 
    • Paid social media campaigns
    • Profile optimisation
    • Content creation (including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok)
    • Content optimisation
    • Paid social campaign management
    • Community management (training)
  • Measure

    • Data analysis, including tracking and traffic analysis and social media engagement
    • Customer-journey mapping
    • Market research
    • Paid social campaign management
  • Learn

    • Organic social strategy 
    • Competitor analysis
    • Social landscape analysis
    • Profile audit
    • Content audit
    • Paid social campaign strategy, asset/ad creation and setup

Case study: Leighton House Museum

Leighton House Museum asked us to support them during lockdown, as the museum had to stay shut. We created a number of new video series for them, which were posted on YouTube and other social media channels. We also helped Leighton House Museum to stage a live online event called “An Evening with Lord Leighton” which brought together cooking, story telling and music for a very special evening.

  • +5.1K

    video views

  • 249%

    increase in impressions

  • 82%

    increase in view duration

  • 850%

    increase in YouTube subscribers

Iain Scott

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