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Case study: SMS plc

SMS, a company in the energy sector asked us for help with their search engine visibility as they wanted to gain more exposure in search and really showcase their strong authority in the energy sector. We have been happily working with them to achieve this and new goals.

  • 73%

    increase in organic traffic

  • 2X+

    conversions from organic search

  • 88%

    increase in search visibility for tracked terms

What’s our focus

We work closely with the SMS content writing team to guide them in creating the most relevant and effective content for their audience and search engines. Our keyword strategies help them not only understand what their audience is search for but also what their end objective is as we closely study user intent. We also keep track of how SMS fair against their real-life and search result competition, so we can strategically advise on what our next topic focus should be.

It has been such a pleasure working with the team at SMS and we have been very excited to see performance improve and organic (and traffic overall) grow year on year.

Anna Corbett Head of search

Case study: Bates Wells, UK top 100 law firm

Bates Wells, a London based law firm, asked us to align their website with their new brand and persona. We investigated existing user behaviour and researched search competitors in all industries to create a site which represents the brand, is intuitive to use, and performs well against their targets.

  • 44%

    drop in bounce rate

  • 20%

    increase in average session duration

What’s our focus

Bates Wells, a long standing client of Base Creative, wanted to take advantage of our data-driven solutions. The previous website’s technology and structure had become outdated, and a new brand launch presented the ideal opportunity to explore a more relevant way to represent Bates Wells online and engage with their audiences.

Development was based on a detailed period of discovery into their new brand, desired audiences, business goals and existing site. We suggested a number of quantifiable hypotheses which we could iterate on. This gave Bates Wells reassurance that the recommended design and functionality are based in research, and open to change.

Our achievements so far are very positive – we’ve seen a 44% reduction in bounce rate across the site, and a 20% increase in average session duration. Page speed has been kept well within recommended limits, and we’re getting great feedback on site usability.

Greg Mileham Head of web experience

Case study: Leighton House Museum

Leighton House Museum asked us to support them during lockdown, as the museum had to stay shut. We created a number of new video series for them, which were posted on YouTube and other social media channels. We also helped Leighton House Museum to stage a live online event called “An Evening with Lord Leighton” which brought together cooking, story telling and music for a very special evening.

  • +5.1K

    video views

  • 249%

    increase in impressions

  • 82%

    increase in view duration

  • 850%

    increase in YouTube subscribers

What’s our focus

Having supported Leighton House and Sambourne House for the last 3 years with paid search ads we quickly pivoted our work for them to adjust to the new requirements of lockdown. Now that in person visits to the museum were out of the question we knew video would be the perfect medium to showcase the beauty and charm of these museums in a digital way.

Working with the team at Leighton House has been pure joy. The museums are such special gems and being able to create videos of and for them has been an honour.

Addie Bryant
Addie Bryant Digital project manager