Iain Scott

Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO and fitness maniac.

With 16 years in the digital industry, he’s worked through the ranks from web design freelancer, SEO specialist through to social media, and now runs the team that does all the hard work.

Iain has worked with brands such as the BBC, the RSPCA, the National Trust, Harrods…but really doesn’t like to talk about it.

Some notable highlights from his 16 years chatting things digital: In 2017, co-authored and published his first book: 50 Days of Social Media Is the face of social media event, Sharing Social London Guest lecturer at City University on Digital Marketing.

Greg Mileham

Head of web experience

Head of web performance optimisation, ops director and tinkering enthusiast.

Since building his first commercial website in 1998, Greg has seen huge changes online, and now uses Conversion Rate Optimisation to enhance the websites of organisations of all sizes.

Day to day he works with clients to enhance visitor engagement, improve web conversions and ultimately achieve their business goals.

Greg is always looking for a more efficient way to do everything. Look out, he might try to optimise you too.

Anna Corbett

Head of search

Head of search and crazy cat lady.

Originally from Germany, Anna is super efficient and logical, she’s been softened by years of British politeness and queuing and for over 12 years, she’s devoured every scrap of knowledge about search marketing. Anna is a speaker and author of a book she doesn’t like to talk about. For over 12 years she has devoured every scrap of knowledge about search marketing and is diligently passing her knowledge on to her team, clients and anyone else who cares to listen. Day to day she works with clients on their marketing strategy, specifically leveraging search to realise concrete business goals.

Anna is particularly passionate about psychology and user behaviour in search. She specialises in search intent research and loves nothing more than diving head first into enormous amounts of juicy data and creating meaningful, actionable reports.

Becca Holloway

Becca Holloway

Social media manager

Social media manager and TikTok addict.

Becca is a Social Media Strategist at Base Creative and has coordinated Sharing Social London meet-ups since launching in early 2018.

For the past 5 years, she followed the twists and turns of the social media industry, starting out as an apprentice and now striving towards becoming a paid social specialist. With a keen eye for the latest apps and social media trends, you can count on Becca for the latest social hype or TikTok craze.

Addie Bryant

Addie Bryant

Digital project manager

Digital project manager and taco enthusiast.

Came from warmer climate… this little place called Los Angeles. She packed up her bags and fell into our arms. In LA, she spearheaded a lingerie company focusing on body-positive messaging encouraging women of all shapes and sizes to love their bodies.

Having 7 years of marketing experience under her belt, specialising in video production and editing, client relationships, social media strategy and eCommerce, Addie offers a unique perspective to digital marketing. She is most passionate about creating gorgeous, relatable and high performing content within an array of industries while invoking the “human aspect”.

When she is not chatting loudly on the phone to clients, or on Adobe Premiere editing videos, you can often find her ill-prepared for the weather and usually wrapped in a blanket.


Sean Ellingham

Web developer

Web developer and baker extraordinaire.

Sean is a critical thinker and has been working as web developer for Base Creative for over 10 years. When he isn’t head deep in code you can often find him rambling on the fells of the Lake District.