Capturing the attention of pastry lovers across the UK, many were delighted by the new addition and couldn’t wait to try the new treat, others, some of whom I’m sure you’ve heard of, had a complete overreaction and retaliated with petty Twitter insults.

It all started with a video showcasing the new vegan sausage roll. This has since had over 5.15 million views.

Met with praise, Greggs quickly got attention from journalist Piers Morgan who seemed to be pretty het up about the whole thing.

Excellent come back from Greggs.

Perhaps this next comment took things a little too far?

To add to all of the excitement, McDonald’s started off what seems to be a chain reaction of popular restaurants releasing veggie/vegan alternatives. Want a happy meal? Now you can have a vegetarian one. Of course, this did nothing but cause further reprisal.

To further rub salt in the wound, other restaurants began to join in with the Twitter hype…

…with Pizza Hut joining the party:

And TGI Fridays!

The list just keeps on growing. And you can be sure that the retaliation will continue…

Despite this, it has proved to be great exposure for Greggs as well as giving veganism the spotlight.

It isn’t the first time Greggs’ has pulled it out the bag on social media. Back in November, a branch in Newcastle flipped their shop front so that it would grab the attention of Christmas shoppers checking out Fenwick’s famous Christmas window display.

This campaign is a sign of what’s to come on social media in 2019. As the fast food restaurants demonstrate they’ve got it worked out, (check out Burger King’s recent shade on Kanya West) it’s only a matter of time before we see more brands adopt this approach.

There are humans at the end of these accounts and it shows. They’re instantaneous and punchy, complete with internet approved witty banter. Corporate jargon is out, and brands with no personality will fall to the wayside for good this year.

Our only criticism? We can’t help but worry about the person’s hand in the vegan sausage roll ad. Wear an oven glove – safety first 😉