I used to spend a little too much time on Instagram than I’d like to admit. But in recent months, that’s all changed. Sorry Instagram, it’s not me, it’s you!

A few months ago, you brought in a fancy new algorithm, designed to bring all of our favourite posts to centre stage, to help us see the posts we want to see, right?

Sort of.

I’m happy to admit I follow a lot of people. Crazy amounts. Partly due to me being a blogger, partly just because I’m a slight Instagram hoarder. Problem is, out of the 600 or so accounts I follow (don’t judge) I only ever see a selection of roughly 100. It’s the same faces, over and over, the same accounts.

Which is pants!

I followed the others for a reason! I want to see more variety! I want to see the posts of all people I followed, because I care about them.

Yet I’m not.

And to be honest Insta, it’s getting me down. I’m sat here missing posts from some of my friends, I’m sat here missing posts from my favourite bloggers. Should it be that I have to set notifications for everyone, just to ensure I actually see their posts? Because I sure don’t want to have to do that.

Here’s the thing Instagram, I think you can fix this. You really, really could. Make it so that if we want, we can opt out of your snazzy algorithm. That doesn’t mean completely get rid of it, just give us the option. You might say to me, “Wait, we’re making it easier for you to see the accounts you love!”. Well, I appreciate the effort Instagram, but so far, I’m missing my faves.

There’s hope.

I know that you use your algorithm and data from Facebook to sort out the order of stories, but at the moment, I only seem to see the same few people at the beginning. Some whom I rarely engage with, yet other accounts I engage with regularly are nowhere to be found. Fix it Instagram!

Now listen up Instagram, I have an idea for you. You’re welcome!

On Twitter, I create lists for myself frequently, so I can tailor my followers into groups, if you like. I have a list full of people I actually know and see regularly in real life. I have a list for bloggers, I have a list all sorts of things! If only I could do the same for Instagram. I give you Instagram Lists, seriously, it would make everything so much better!

Instagram, don’t let me down.