Have you heard about the 72 new emoji that are being released by the Unicode Consortium? Wondering why they aren’t on your phone yet?

Getting new emoji out there is a time-consuming process. Firstly, a rather extensive proposal has to be put together and sent to Unicode.

The Emoji subcommittee mark emoji against several selection factors including compatibility, expected usage level, image distinctiveness, completeness, and how frequently they’ve been requested.

The whole process usually takes around 2 years. New emoji that make the cut will then be implemented into the next release of the Unicode Standard. Usually, new emoji are pushed live in a June update. From there they will be available for adoption, like the latest batch of emoji.

At this stage it’s up to Apple, Google, Twitter, and other vendors to decide how when they’re going to support the new characters. Twitter has just announced support for Unicode’s new emoji, so look out for them! Here’s a look at when to expect support from other vendors:

Release date timeline for Emoji SupportSource

Head over to Twitter and see if you can spot some new emoji!