Have you ever seen the difference between an emoji on an iPhone compared to one on Android? Most of the time, communicatively speaking, there isn’t much difference but with the advent of an increasing amount of emoji at our fingertips, there is a growing risk of miscommunication.

This can have a much bigger impact than you may have first considered. Take the ‘grinning face with smiley eyes’ emoji. It has a positive sentiment on Android devices, but on an iPhone, the sentiment perceived is leaning towards the negative side of the scale. Have a read of this brilliant article by Hannah Miller, where she explores the different interpretations of the same emoji.

Emoji Sentiment GraphSource

Another great example of emoji being misinterpreted is the story of the hairy heart. Back in November 2014, Google released a heart emoji as part of Unicode 6.0, the emoji was pink and hairy. That very same emoji was displayed as a bright yellow heart across iPhone devices; this made for some interesting conversations at the time!

Hairy heart vs yellow heartSource


So, think you’ve got your head wrapped around emoji and all their meanings? Have a go at this quiz to test your knowledge.

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