Buzzfeed are giving TV networks a run for their money

From September 25, Buzzfeed are going to be hosting a Live Twitter show called AM to DM. It will remind you of morning talk shows like BBC Breakfast, Daybreak, and Good Morning America if you’re from across the pond.

What can you expect on the show? Breaking news combined with a lot of engagement from Twitter users. As the name of the show suggests, if you have something to say about what’s on screen you can slide into Buzzfeed’s DMs and let them know what you think. It’s going to be interesting to see how the well the show does and if it will attract views away from traditional shows on television. Could we expect to see a similar style show broadcast from the UK soon?

Now go Live with a friend on Instagram

Going Live on Instagram is quickly becoming the norm for power users on the network, and soon they’ll be able to team up together. Instagram is currently testing “a fun way to go live with a friend”.

This follows Facebook’s recent decision to also implement this feature into Live streams, however, there are a few subtle differences. When adding a friend on Instagram, the screen will be split equally in half, whereas Facebook displays the live stream guest in a small pop out window.

What’s Instagram’s thought process behind this? Engagement on the platform. Ever since the introduction to the algorithm in June 2016, Instagram has faced consistent criticism from its user base, wishing they’d return to the chronological feed. Since, it seems, Instagram have no plans to make this happen any time soon, live streaming, especially with the introduction of guests could be their way to try and encourage users to stay on the platform. It will be interesting to see how businesses make use of this new guest feature.

Watch out Netflix, Facebook is out to get you!

Starting in the US, Facebook is rolling out a new ‘Watch’ section on the site, which will feature content personalised to you. There will be a mixture of live and recorded episodes all organized around what your friends are watching. How do Facebook decide what’s going down well with your mates? Reactions of course.

Facebook are looking to invest in original shows to help drive people to their network. They want to be the place you go to for video content. Think about how much Facebook knows about what you like and dislike, your current viewing habits, and what your friends enjoy, and imagine how they can tailor shows to suit your preferences. This could give them an edge over competitors in the industry such as Netflix.

YouTube don’t ever want you to leave the app

YouTube is currently rolling out a new feature which allows users to chat within the app to your friends. How is this different to chatting on Facebook or Twitter? Well, it’s not. It’s just another space to have a chat (this includes group chats) with your friends about the videos you’ve been watching.

It does beg the question, why is YouTube bothering with this at all. Everyone is already used to the habit of sharing videos outside the app, and another place to chat isn’t offering anything new. Hey, maybe this is a first step before introducing Stories to the platform?! You never know!

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