Since my last post, we’ve witnessed emoji taking over the world. Wondering what the word of 2015 was? Well, guess what, there isn’t a word in sight. Instead, the ‘Face with Tears of Joy’ emoji was announced as the Word of the Year, by Oxford Dictionaries 😂 Some other candidates included the words ‘lumbersexual’, ‘Dark Web’, ‘on fleek’, and… ‘Brexit’. Hmm, do you think they made the right choice? Tweet me.

Another massive change: Facebook changed their Like button. Goodbye, ‘like’, hello reactions. Facebook wanted to make it easier for users to express their thoughts and extended the Like Button to include Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, or Angry. 

Facebook wasn’t the only one to get all emotional. Twitter rolled out ‘likes’ to replace ‘favourites’. Gone was that little yellow star ⭐ as it was replaced with red hearts.  Twitter claimed they wanted to make it “easier and more rewarding to use“. Despite the initial mixed reaction, Kevin Weil, the former Twitter Product Head, stated that after the first week of roll out there had been a 6% increase in users liking updates.  

With the Unicode Consortium announcing 72 new emoji available for adoption, you might be wondering what some of them mean. Never fear, simply tweet @botmoji. Bot-who? Botmoji  🤔

Just send them a Tweet containing your emoji of choice, and this lovely bot will send you back a definition. Simples!

Want to know what else is in store for emoji? Check back here each week to discover all things emoji, and become an emoji King!  👑