Facebook Tackles Politics

There are five new ad measures being put in place on Facebook to help prevent ads being bought with the intent to influence politics.

The include:

  • Making advertising more transparent
  • Strengthening enforcement against improper ads
  • Tightening restrictions on advertiser content
  • Increasing requirements for authenticity
  • Establishing industry standards and best practices.

These measure will help to provide insight into the motivation behind ads from a brand or a page. As a consumer, you will be able to see just what the advertiser is intending to do, and what they’re trying to achieve with their ads, hopefully allowing you to make an informed decision on whether you want to act on the ads or not.

It’s also worth noting that anyone will be able to see all the ads a Facebook page is running at one time. This means your competitors will be able to see what ads you’re running. Time to up your advertising game?

Run a Poll in Instagram Stories

Instagram have introduced stickers to let users run polls in Stories. This is a new way to conduct polls on the platform. To view results, you can swipe up on your story to not only see who has viewed it, but who has taken part in the poll and, most importantly, what they voted for. This could be a great way for brands to run polls and generate audience feedback, and then further tailor their Instagram strategy to what users prefer.

Pinterest Start Utilizing Hashtags

You might be surprised to learn that until now, Pinterest wasn’t actually using hashtags on the platform. Now, hashtags are being introduced, this will ensure that new content is found easily whilst helping pre-existing pins be found easily.

Pinterest have advised pinners to use 20 pins, making them as descriptive as possible as well as splitting them into two categories, timely and evergreen. It’s questionable however, whether the average user will actually do this, or if this method will be taken up by primarily by influencers on the network.

Pinterest won’t be displaying sponsored in hashtag streams to begin with. Whilst the new feature is still rolling out you can expect hashtag streams to be an ad free space, but I’m sure in the coming months we can expect to see brands making the most of hashtags and taking up the first opportunity to advertise with them.

Snapchat Holds Art Installations With AR

Snapchat have teamed up with artists to display 3D augmented reality art in specific locations. Users will be able to use the mini map to locate the art. When you visit a location, you’ll be able to see the art through your phone and snap photos or take videos to share with your friends.

Why is Snapchat doing this? Several reasons, the first being building a community. Remember when Pokemon GO launched last summer and there were huge crowds of people gathered at each gym? It made the news and players got to hang out with others. You might have been playing a game, but you actually had to go out and explore to do so. This same effect could be achieved by Snapchat. By displaying spectacular art at popular destinations, you’re bound to spot a fellow ‘snapper’ as they’ll be glued to their phone looking up at something which doesn’t exist to the naked eye. I doubt however that this will be as popular though.

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