What is Sharing Social London?

Sharing Social London was set up in May 2018 by Base Creative to connect like-minded savvy (and savvy-to-be) social media professionals together in real life.

How it’s grown:

Starting out as a small group of 30 people getting together over brunch, we’ve grown considerably over the past 10 months connecting people behind the hashtags face to face in an environment where they can share ideas, learn from peers, and discover the latest in social media. We’ve seen 200 new faces through the door and have welcomed 20 speakers to our stage. It’s turning into a buzzing community both on- and offline.

What we’ve covered:

During this time, Sharing Social London has delved into various stories of success in our member’s campaigns. We’ve looked at what to expect in the future of social media, gone through plans on how to salvage a campaign when something goes wrong, personal branding, community engagement, video marketing, AI and many more key topics.

We aim to keep our community informed with the latest and offer them a chance to share their knowledge up on stage. In every session, we look at each social media platform and discuss successes and failures, and how to utilise it effectively in a range of different scenarios.

What’s next?

To celebrate the success of Sharing Social London, we’re hosting a special event on Thursday 14th March 2019 at WeWork (70 Wilson Street, London) focusing on the power of influencer marketing.

We’ll be joined by our previous speakers, our Founding Members, and keynote speaker, Mike McGrail to share his expertise on influencer marketing. And of course, you!

Everyone is welcome!

To join us and celebrate, early bird tickets are currently on sale for just £5 (normal price £10). We’d like to invite you along to meet the Sharing Social community and have a chance to learn more about influencer marketing so you can use it in your upcoming campaigns.

You can purchase tickets here!

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Links for further information:
Sharing Social London: www.sharingsocial.london
Mike McGrail: www.twitter.com/mike_mcgrail
Iain Scott: www.twitter.com/iaingscott
Rebecca Holloway: www.twitter.com/beccasocial