Now you can upload video directly to Reddit

If you’re lucky enough to be in a subreddit, Reddit has approved, you’ll now be able to upload video directly to the site. The launch of video hosting on the site comes after a beta test which included over 200 subreddits.

Why the change? Reddit wants to make the whole process of commenting on video content much more cohesive. In most cases so far you have to leave the site and head to a YouTube link or other external site and then return back to Reddit to continue the conversation. Reddit wants to make it easier to stay within the site and keep the conversation going.

To begin with, the limits in place will be 15 minute videos no larger than 1GB, and GIFs which are shorter than one minute.

Sounds a bit like what YouTube was doing last week, don’t you think?

Goodbye fake play buttons!

Last week Facebook updated their algorithm to combat fake play buttons on the site. I’m sure we’ve all been fooled by one at least once, you’ll either see a deceiving play button overlaying an image, or static image masquerading as a full length video. From now on Facebook will be limiting the distribution of these posts.

Facebook have put their foot down on this issue as various pages were using this technique to get a greater reach than a regular image would achieve. This, along with updates to stop static live streams are all an effort on Facebook’s part to combat clickbait on the site. Facebook have caused backlash in the past, especially in the lead up and during the latest US election for not monitoring fake news enough.

Let’s see if this makes a difference!

Native videos on LinkedIn

Along with Reddit, LinkedIn are also allowing users (at the moment only a select 500 influencers) to film and upload video content from directly within the mobile app.

The idea is simple, you’ll be able to open the app, hit record, and then attach your video to a new post. At the moment you can’t currently go Live, but I feel this will be a natural progression after this update rolls out to all users.

Do you think this feature is needed on the platform?

Instagram & Facebook get a facelift

If you’ve been on Facebook or Instagram over the weekend, you may have noticed a few changes on the site. Both sites have revamped their comment sections. Facebook comments now appear in speech bubbles, and Instagram comments now incorporate threads! This means no more scrolling up and down trying to find a reply. They’ll work much more like Facebook’s comment system.

Which brings me onto the next point, you may also have noticed how similar the two apps are looking now. Facebook has had a fresh lick of paint in the newsfeed as well as comments, to improve readability on the site. You can expect to see increased contrast, larger link previews, updated icons and circular profile pictures (this seems to be a top trend in social media at the moment).

Facebook are making changes to improve readability on the site
Before & after of recent design changes

Both apps are now very coherent with one another, after all they are part of the same app family, and it makes me wonder if we will eventually see Whatsapp going down a similar pathway in regards to design. Thoughts?