The Explore Feed is Out

Remember a few months back when Facebook announced that they would be starting a test to separate out news into a separate Explore Feed? Well, as of right now, that test is no longer running. The Explore Feed is being dropped.

The new feed was being tested in several countries including, Slovakia, Sri Lanka, Serbia, Bolivia, Guatemala, and Cambodia. It was part of Facebook’s efforts to put more of an emphasis on content from friends and family. Despite this test being stopped, it’s worth remembering that Pages are still going to have to work hard to get their content seen on the platform with all the latest tweaks to the News Feed algorithm.

Twitter asks for help

Perhaps something you wouldn’t expect to read, Twitter is reaching out and asking for help to deal with one of their most prominent issues on the platform – abuse.

Last week, Jack Dorsey himself explained in an extensive Twitter thread that they are “committing Twitter to help increase the collective health, openness, and civility of public conversation, and to hold ourselves publicly accountable towards progress.

Twitter is opening an application process so that organisations with ideas on how to measure the health of Twitter can work with Twitter. Currently, Twitter’s health is dependent on two main factors. The more “healthy debates”, conversations and critical thinking taking place on the platform, the healthier it is. Any abuse, spam, and manipulation will take away from that.

Get notified about ads!

Here’s a fact: Facebook Messenger has 1.3 billion active users. Are you one of them? If you are, you might be a little displeased with what I’m about to tell you. Facebook is currently in the process of rolling out a “self serve sponsored massaging tool”.

This will enable brands to send out promotional messages on mass to anyone who’s previously had a conversation with them. So perhaps it’s not as bad as it first seems, as although you might have liked a lot of brand’s pages in the past, chances are you haven’t messaged them all too.

Brands will be able to include an image in their message, as well as a title and subtitle, plus an all-important call to action button. Simply put, it’s an sent directly to you in Messenger.

What do I think about this? There are two ways of looking at it. On the one hand, if you want to see more from your friends and family on your News Feed, this is one way of keeping that cleaner whilst still providing brands a place to advertise to you. However, from a user’s point of view, if I get a Messenger notification I’m expecting it to be a friend. I’m expecting a human at the end of that interaction. What I don’t want is to be bothered with an ad from a bot instead. Let me know what you think @basecreative or @beccasocial.

Bookmark it.

Last but not least, as of last week, the new Bookmark feature has rolled out to all Twitter users. In practice, this is perhaps not as slick as I’d first imagined – I thought it would be as simple as retweeting, but instead, it’s a two-click process. However, it is pretty handy and I’m already building a collection of Tweets I want to come back to later. Will you be making use of this handy feature?