We love video ads (or do we?)

Unsurprisingly, LinkedIn are bringing video ads to the platform. Since August, users have been able to upload native video directly to the platform via mobile, so it seems only natural that video ads are following. To start with, LinkedIn are running a closed beta test with a “limited number of advertisers”, but have stated that they want all brands to have sponsored content available to them in early 2018. These video ads will appear alongside regular posts (with a ‘sponsored’ label, of course) and will have the same options as regular sponsored content on LinkedIn.

Twitter are launching a new feature (Hint: It’s not an edit button) #SaveForLater

Before you get yourself too excited, know that Twitter are working on a bookmarking tool, not an edit button, unfortunately. I know, I can sense your disappointment (but is an edit button really a good idea? Discuss here) You will be able to access tweets you have bookmarked in a similar way how you can access Lists on the platform. I’m quite excited about this update and am eager to see it roll out. I don’t like ‘liking’ a tweet just to hope that I come back to it later. I nearly always forget!

Context Cards for Snapchat. Could this save the app?

Snapchat is dying. It really pains me to say it as I love and adore the app, but Instagram have risen above and beyond in users and I don’t see Snapchat regaining the throne any time soon. Despite this, Snapchat are releasing Context Cards, a way to provide info about the place you’re snapping at to your friends & followers, as well as making it easy to call a cab, or book a table.

How does it work? Snap Maps. Remember when Snapchat release Snap Maps, allowing you to spy on exactly where your friends were and give you a severe case of #FOMO? Well, now any snaps that use a Geofilter, or have been submitted to the public, will include a Context Card. This allows businesses to explore the idea of having custom Geofilters at their location, and then encouraging visitors to promote the business via their Snaps. However, I’m a little skeptical that this is going to make as big of a an impact on the industry as Snapchat hopes. Snapchat has a young audience, and I’m not sure how enticing a card with address and contact information is going to be…

That’s all the hype for this week! Come back next week for more!