Instagram Changes API Limits:

If you use any third party Instagram Analytic apps, then you’ll probably have noticed that these stopped working like normal over the weekend. This is because likely in wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Instagram has scaled back API limits. This means data developers can access less data at once. This means that apps and social media managers have got to adapt, and may have to become more reliant on using the data within Instagram itself. Make sure you’ve got a business account to access it!

Facebook Tweaks Ad Targeting

Facebook is doing everything they can to appear to help the situation regarding privacy on the network. In the latest change, Facebook is removing Partner Categories. This option allowed third-party data providers to “offer their targeting directly on Facebook”. Over the next six months, you’ll see this feature phase out to help protect users’ privacy.

Pinterest Introduce a Following Tab

Perhaps Pinterest has been taking note of what’s craved for by users on other platforms (Hint: Instagram) and has incorporated the feature into their own model before sending the relationship with their audience sour. There will now be a whole tab dedicated to the Pins from people you follow, in the order they were pinned. This means you can see what your best mates are planning for their new house and then flick over to see what the algorithm wants you to see. Cool!

LinkedIn Rolls Out Native Video Ads to Company Pages

LinkedIn has rolled out sponsored video content to company pages, giving you more ways to build brand awareness, drive qualified traffic to your site, and collect high quality leads using LinkedIn’s integrated Lead Gen Forms product. After rolling out in private beta in October, you can expect to get your hands on in this feature in the coming weeks. Time to get strategy planning!