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Here’s what’s stood out to us in the last week:

Netflix showing ads between shows

Who doesn’t love a good old series binge on Netflix at the weekend? Well now, you’ll still be able to do this but might see Netflix’s current test – ads for original content running between shows. The ads are skippable and are only showing for some of the user base, but this could be a glimpse into what’s to come.

Could this be a way of recommending more shows that suit your preferences to you, keeping you sucked into your Netflix binge? We also wonder if it could lead to another tier being opened up on the platform in the future, one that would be completely ad-free.

Instagram recommending posts at the top of your feed

If you ever manage to reach the top of your Instagram feed and get the message “You’re all caught up”, you might now be greeted with Instagram’s latest test – showing you recommended posts at the top of your feed. These will be based on your likes and will keep you scrolling that little bit longer.

Controversial considering that only recently the platform incorporated ways to track your time in the app and make sure you weren’t spending too long engrossed in the land of Instagram filters.

Google Shortwave

Google is currently working on a new app for podcasts called Shortwave which will “allow users to search, access, and play digital audio files, and share links to audio files”.

Anna’s got the lowdown on what this could mean in the bigger picture: “Google is promoting their podcast Shortwave platform in another attempted land grab of content they would “prefer” to be hosted in their cloud. This coupled with their abilities of voice recognition and natural language processing will surely lead to ready made audio snippets (from videos and podcasts) to be used to respond to voice queries.”

That’s some of our favourite updates from the last week. Remember to keep an eye on both our Twitter & Instagram feed, @basecreative, for the latest social media news as it happens! See you next week!