Snap Inc. Are Working On New Spectacles

First up, let’s take a look at Snap Inc. Remember when Spectacles were released, sold at vending machines that would pop up overnight, promising users a new way to film their Snapchat stories? It was a good idea, I thought, but thanks to the price and fact they were pretty difficult to get hold of when there was still that initial hype, the Spectacles didn’t do nearly as well as hoped.

However, Snap Inc. is said to be working on a new model of Spectacles. At the moment it seems as if the new glasses will have an updated frame, and potentially AR features. Think along the lines of seeing Snapchat’s World Lenses through the Spectacles. Cool huh? There’s even talk of the new Spectacles having two cameras allowing for 3D effects in the Stories you film.

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens!

Instagram’s New Q&A Stickers

You’re likely see your favourite influencers on Instagram using a new Q&A sticker option in Stories. Instagram is currently working on a new type of sticker where the user can post a question in their Stories, and then their audience can reply to it – privately. It’s worth noting though that many influencers already do this by writing a question in their caption, or just saying a piece to camera, and then their audience can reply to that particular Story. It will be interesting to see how Instagram presents the feedback to Q&As to the user.

Pinterest Adds New Collage Header To Your Profile

Pinterest is adding giving profiles a fresh lick of paint. Rolling out now, you’ll be able to see a collage of your pins as a header on your profile. It’s a great way to immediately show visitors a summary of your Pins – great for brands who want to showcase their business. You can also decide whether you’d prefer to have your most recent pins populating the header, or choose a specific board you’d like Pins to be pulled from.

Pinterest has also removed your following/followers count from your profile. (You can still go hunting for the stats in the corresponding tabs). Instead, your number of monthly views will be displayed, putting an emphasis on active accounts, rather than those with large followings. I think this is a good idea and makes it feel like a level playing field.

New Pinterest Header Collage
Here’s the new header feature in action. I’ve got it set here to feature the latest images I’ve pinned.

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