Happy Monday! It’s time for your weekly dose of social media hype, brought to you by social media expert Rebecca. Want hype on a daily basis? Go ahead and follow me on Twitter @beccasocial. Let’s begin.

Now you can have a 3D Bitmoji of yourself on Snapchat

You better make sure you’ve got a Bitmoji if you’re using Snapchat. Now you can see these cool avatars of yourself as 3D characters in world lenses on the platform. You could add Bitmoji to your snaps before as stickers, but this is taking it up a level. I think this goes hand in hand with Apple’s launch of Aniemoji with the new iPhones. Seeing an animated version of yourself on Snapchat is pretty cool.

Here’s a snap I took of my Bitmoji waiting at a bus stop. As you do!

Bitmoji waiting at a bus stop

Finally some updates from Pinterest!

Every week when I sit down to write Becca’s Hype, I’m always bombarded with news about Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, so when I saw that Pinterest have made some updates I was really excited for the changes. Pinterest are celebrating 200 million users on the network, and with that they’re bringing out some new features. The first new feature to be announced is sections within boards, providing you with ability to organise to your heart’s content. Sections will be available to all users once testing is complete. Excited? I sure am!

Watch out, your Instagram aesthetic might be at risk.

I’ve got some bad news, Instagram lovers. You know how at the moment Instagram feeds are in neat rows of three, with some users spending literally hours planning their content so that they’re happy with how their photos will appear next to each other in the grid? Well… Instagram are testing out having your grid made up of rows of four instead. I know. Let the panic ensue. I’m not a particularly heavy Instagram user, but I do care about how my photos look next to each other, and I know that there are a lot of people who are going to be very upset by this change if/when it rolls out to all users. There is the argument that now mobile screens are getting bigger, by having a row of four, you can view more photos. But this undoes the hard work of many who have painstakingly planned out their images.

How do you feel about this potential change to Instagram?

We went to BrightonSEO and learnt a lot.

This week’s hype is a little shorter this week, as on Friday, Iain, Anna and I travelled down to Brighton to attend BrightonSEO. An excellent conference for SEO & social media lovers. I recommend you go next time! We’re going to be putting together a post of all the best bits shortly, so be sure to check back soon, or keep an eye on our Twitter feed (@basecreative) so you can see everything we learned on Friday.

Until next week, happy hype!