Get feedback from your audience with the new emoji slider

Polls are very common on Instagram Stories at the moment, probably due to the fact that they encourage engagement between users and their audiences. To further push this, Instagram has just released a new emoji slider sticker.

Used in the same way as a poll, you just take a snap, select the emoji slider sticker, and then ask your audience a question. They’ll then be able to slide away using the emoji that you’ve chosen. A good way of getting an opinion on how much they like a new pair of shoes you’re wearing, for example.

This is part of Instagram’s ever-increasing feature set for Stories.

Remember when Snapchat upset users with the new redesign?

There was an outpouring of rage from Snapchat’s user base when they merged all content from your friends into the left side of the app, and moved all celebrity/news/influencer content to the right side of the app. Well, just as you thought you were getting used to the change, Snapchat has mixed things up again, moving Stories back to the right.

This revert back to the old layout is likely due to a poor performance report – Snapchat can’t afford to upset users as Instagram Stories go from strength to strength.

Swooning at Google I/O Announcements

Did you catch Google I/O last week? Google announced over 100 updates to Google Assistant, AI, Android, Maps, Photos, News, VR, AR, YouTube… the list goes on!

We recommend you check out their post detailing 100 new updates across all those areas, but also watch this video from The Verge where the entire keynote is summed up in 14 minutes! It’s well worth the watch!

A couple of our favourite updates are:

Google Duplex

Now your Google Assistant will be able to make calls on your behalf to help you book appointments! How cool is this? You tell your assistant the date and time that you’d like to make a reservation for, and they’ll go and book it for you. Listen to the demo call in the video, they’ve incorporated pauses, ums, and ahhs to make the phone call sound human!

Google Lens

Ever wanted to copy and paste something from the world around you? Well, now that’s possible! A new feature called ‘smart text’ will let users copy and paste text to their phone simply by using your camera.

Smart Compose

Watch your emails write themselves – almost! In Gmail, you’ll now be able to see what Google’s AI thinks you’re going to say (it will learn how you write) and if you want to say it, simply press tab and it’s there! This will be handy for introductions and sign-offs via email.

Have a look at the updates and see if you can pick a favourite!