No friends? No problem. Google’s got you covered.

Last week, Google launched ‘feed’. Unlike your other social network feeds, Google is aiming to combine the most important news stories of the day, along with stories related to topics you’ve previously searched for. This feed is personalised to you, but without all the friends, follows and likes you’ll see across Facebook and Twitter.

It seems like a fairly good idea, and perhaps since you won’t be fed stories from your friends, this could provide a way to break out of your filter bubble. What do you think?

Ready for your commute to become a lot more noisy?

If you ever find yourself scrolling through Facebook on your commute, you might want to be weary about auto playing videos from now on. Facebook is introducing a brilliant feature (are they sure?) where videos will now play with the sound on automatically as you scroll through your newsfeed.

Why? Because advertisers love it. It’s another way to grab your attention and hopefully get you to watch long enough so that an ad will play. Who doesn’t love it? The average Facebook user, who’s opened Facebook on the bus and inadvertently blasted everyone with some Buzzfeed Tasty video on how to make one pot pasta four ways.

Are Snap’s Spectacles still cool?

I’m sure you’ve seen the bright yellow vending machines popping up in cities around the world where you can buy Spectacles from Snap, and snapchat away to your heart’s content. Now, you might not have to keep an eye out for vending machines, instead, in London right now Harrods have a pop-up shop dedicated to Spectacles.

The shop gives buyers a chance to see the Spectacles in person, have a look at the different colours, and even try them on. Snap need to branch out and make Spectacles more accessible if they want them to really take off, and if they want to sell further hardware in the future.

Another reason to join Amazon Prime:

Why use one of the many messenger apps available when you could use Amazon? Amazon has just launched Spark, a new social venture which aims to allow users to discover new products and share them with their friends. Great, I’ve always wanted to know what my friends are buying on Amazon. Not.

Currently Spark is only available in the US and customers require a Prime membership to use the service. Users can buy directly from their feed and interact (comment and smile) at posts and comments about products. It seems like an expansion of user reviews.

It will be interesting to see how interactions from users will affect listings on the site. Is there the potential for products with a lot of buzz surrounding them on Spark to be more likely to feature on the home page? Time will tell.

Until the next time! #hype