Search results just got busier

Autoplay videos are now the norm online, as you will have heard from last week’s hype. Now, Google has decided to join in and add autoplay videos to search results in the knowledge panel. Is that something we really want? Maybe not.

It’s important to note that this is an experiment by Google, it’s not permanent (yet) and will only be displaying a small number of film trailers. Whether you can get videos to autoplay in search results will depend on your search query, your browser, and whether you have ad blockers installed. Give it a go by searching “the lego ninjago movie” on desktop.

Although at this point Google are only showcasing film trailers, there are questions to be asked. Who decides where the videos are sourced from, can the videos featured in the knowledge panel change depending on views and ranking, and will this expand to further search queries? Could it eventually branch out into ads? We will have to wait and see.

Here's an example of an autoplay video showing up in search results

Pinterest adds new ad format to emulate organic autoplay videos

Who spends way too many hours scrolling through their Pinterest feed? Me! If you’re an avid Pinterest user you’ve probably spotted the odd organic autoplay video appearing in your feed. From August this year, there will be a new ad format on the platform which will emulate these organic videos, we’re talking about promoted autoplay videos. That’s a lot of autoplay videos across the social networks. It’s going to be interesting to see whether Pinterest copies Google and lets the user decide if they want to click and allow sound, or if they’ll take Facebook’s approach and just blast the sound out no matter where you are.

Take a look at your Pinterest feed now, do you see any organic autoplay videos?

Prepare to get notifications you have absolutely no interest in (or do you?)

Another week, another change to notifications. This time around Twitter have added a new feature to help you keep tabs on what your followers are doing (isn’t this what the timeline is for?). From now on in your notifications, you’ll occasionally get updates about what people you follow are sharing, if they’re tweeting about a trend, or if they follow someone else. I know, this is just the feature you’ve been waiting for!

Tweet tweet! Get your tweets promoted automatically

Twitter has introduced a new way to advertise on the platform, except this new technique means that you never have to write an ad or start a campaign. For $99/month Twitter will automatically ‘amplify your tweets and profile’.

This service is only in beta at the moment, but it will be interesting to see how influencers react to this opportunity. Will promoted content be flagged in the same way as Ads, and will audience’s respond well to this amplification of tweets. That also leads me to wonder how Twitter chooses which bits of your profile to promote.

Watch this space!