Now you can procrastinate by watching Instagram Stories on desktop

How often do you visit Instagram on desktop? My guess is not too often, considering there’s not really that much you can do with Instagram except on mobile. Times are changing though. Instagram have announced that soon you’ll be able to view Instagram Stories on desktop. Hurrah! This also means that Stories will be visible on the mobile site too, just incase you don’t want to use the app.

Businesses get new tags for Messenger

Businesses using Messenger to talk to their customer will be able to use new tags from this week to help identify and keep track of which kinds of conversations are taking place. The new tags are ACCOUNT_UPDATE, PAYMENT_UPDATE and PERSONAL_FINANCE_UPDATE. All three tags are very self explanatory of what they do, and will join preexisting Messenger tags, includes shipping updates, reservations details, and appointment updates. Facebook are very strict with when and how the tags can be used, this is to avoid spam and to help boost engagement with genuine customers at the right time.

Chat to your favourite company via WhatsApp

Similarly to Facebook, WhatsApp are testing verified business accounts. During this testing process, you can tell if you’re talking to a verified business as they will have a green tick next to their name (just like on Twitter). Once you start talking to a business, the messages between you will appear in yellow and you won’t be able to delete them from the chat. We think we’re going to see people use WhatsApp to contact businesses in a similar way users would send messages via Facebook Messenger.

Have you read Twitter’s terms of service?

If you’ve visited Twitter in the last week or two, it’s likely that you would have been prompted to read their updated Terms of Service. This has caused a little bit of controversy online as people haven’t been happy with some of the ‘new’ terms being put in place. Except they’re not new, and they’ve always been there but nobody has bothered to read them before. Whoops! So, incase you haven’t read Twitter’s terms of service, be aware that by using the platform, you’re agreeing that Twitter can offer up user-generated content to other companies, and they can use it without crediting you. Yay!

See you next week!