The Algorithm, Revealed!

There are three main factors that Instagram have revealed last week, interest, timeliness, and relationship.

Interest – Have you engaged with this type of content before? This part of the algorithm takes note of which types of content you engage with the most, taking into account videos or photos too, and even considers the content of the post itself.

Timeliness – How recently was the post published? An update rolled out on the platform earlier in the year means that you should be able to see more recent posts more frequently in your feed now.

Relationship – How much do you engage with this user? If you’re always engaging with an account on the platform, you’re more likely to see this person in your feed regularly.

Goodbye Trending News

You’re likely familiar with Facebook’s trending section, especially if you ever use the platform on a desktop. However, Facebook is now waving goodbye to this feature. Thanks to poor a very low engagement rate from users (1.5%) and previous headaches for Facebook based on how trending articles were selected, it seems that this feature is unlikely to be missed. Now, if you want to get your news from Facebook, you can look out for the new ‘Breaking News’ tags which are rolling out via tests on the platform.

Facebook Launches ‘Issues Ads’

What’s an ‘Issue Ad’ I hear you ask? It’s not something you’re likely to see in the UK (yet) but in the lead up to the next US elections, Facebook is going to be labeling all things political (specifically ads) with a disclosure label. You’ll be able to see who’s paid for the ad which will help you, the user, understand some of the intent behind it, and should give you a better perspective on things.

That’s the intention anyway!

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