Apple care about your privacy:

Have you updated to iOS 11? Apple has added a new feature to Safari called Intelligent Tracking Prevention which will affect ad retargeting. How? Through the limitation of third-party cookies. Why? Because Apple believe “people have a right to privacy” and that “your browsing history is your own”.

Twitter take action against pro-terror accounts

Twitter are no strangers to getting backlash about not dealing with abusive or extremist twitter accounts on the network, and it seems that behind the scenes they’ve been doing something about it! In their latest Transparency Report, Twitter reports that with their continued commitment to eliminate terrorist activity, they have removed nearly 300,000 accounts between January & June 2017. Twitter also points out that 75% of the accounts were suspended before even posting a tweet.

Instagram enables videos to autoplay audio

In a recent update from Instagram, videos will play without sound until you tap to turn the sound on. If you do this, Instagram will remember your preference any play all videos with sound on. If you tap to turn off sound, all videos will also play without sound. When you close the app, videos are set to autoplay without sound until you turn it off again.

Pretty handy, ya?

Facebook test Polls with GIFs

Do you ever see static Live videos on Facebook, acting as polls where you pick a reaction to cast your vote? These types of static Live videos actually go against Facebook’s policy, but they’ve recently been testing out a new feature to offer a solution around this. Facebook are now offering the option to include GIFs in polls, side by side with a short caption.

This is sure to be very popular with pages to help increase engagement.

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