Twitter Launch Transparency Center

Twitter’s new Ads Transparency Center allows everyone (you don’t even need a Twitter account) to view which ads are being served across the platform.

Now, similarly to Facebook, you will be able to see all the ads running for a specific Twitter handle, including all ads that have been running in the last 7 days.

Twitter is also introducing a new Political Campaigning Policy which is currently in place for US political advertisers. This will enable users to view the ad spend, impressions, and demographic data for those tweets being served.

QR Codes on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has introduced a new way to help you get networking at events. It’s called LinkedIn QR Code, so you can now simply scan and go, rather than having to search hoping that you’ve spelled you new acquaintances’ name right.

LinkedIn is encouraging these QR codes to be used in more ways than one, such as on brochures, your website, or conference badges.

Your QR code can be found from within the app and from there can be sent via messenger apps, saved as a photo, or shared on social media.

Pinterest Improves Save Button

Ever found yourself wanting to save a lot of content to your boards on Pinterest? Now, the platform is introducing one-click Pin saving on desktop. This works by Pinterest working out which board you’re likely to save the image to and saving it straight there with one click. There’s also a new drop-down box in case it’s not for the board Pinterest thinks.

Sounds good huh? This is all thanks to Pinterest’s development in machine learning, and since the platform is ever growing in users, this shows how Pinterest is cementing itself as a strong e-commerce player.

Instagram Add Music Stickers

Thanks to Facebook securing music rights deals with major record labels in the US, users will now be able to select a snippet of their choice to upload with their Story, without the fear of copyright infringement.

Sign me up!

Although not a groundbreaking addition to the app, this is another example of how Instagram is working on attracting a younger audience to the app, away from popular apps with teens such as Snapchat, and in this case, is a karaoke-style app with 60 million monthly users, so watch this space to see if this is the start of a decline for the app.

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