3D Posts on Facebook

You might remember from a few weeks ago that we mentioned 3D posts were coming to Facebook. Now, Facebook has released some new information on the upcoming feature and it looks pretty exciting. This new type of post will allow you to take two photos via Facebook’s built-in camera, creating a depth map which will calculate the distance of everything in the frame.

The result? A 3D photo that will respond depending on which way you angle your phone. Cool huh?

Are your posts public without you realising?

Another update from Facebook, except this time it’s not so positive. Unfortunately, the platform encountered a glitch last month where 14 million users’ posts were set to ‘Public’ without them being notified.

Uh oh.

Any accounts that were affected by the glitch should have received a notification from Facebook prompting them to update their settings following the mistake. It’s a poor show from Facebook that this glitch took place to begin with, but especially bad considering how long it’s taken to inform users with the ongoing concern for privacy on the platform.

Goodbye Trending News, hello Slate…

Last week we mentioned that Facebook was getting rid of the Trending News section. Now it’s been announced that to replace this, a new selection of news programs featuring award-winning journalists will be shared through a new ‘Watch’ tab.

For a company who so often reminds us that they are not a media company, this is certainly an interesting move. Facebook has been negotiating with news partners paying in the region of one to three million dollar contracts. The shows are thought to be full of live coverage, as well as daily and weekly roundups.

What do you think about this new feature from Facebook? Do you want to get the latest news from Facebook or would you rather they invested their resources elsewhere

Share other users’ Stories to your own!

Similarly to how you can now share regular Instagram posts via your Stories, you will now be able to share Stories that you’re mentioned into your own Instagram Story. When you’re mentioned you receive a message via your Direct Messages inbox. From here, you’ll be able to add the Story to your own feed, decorating & annotating it how you wish. The original poster will also receive credit here with their username and a link being featured in the new Story.

Are you an Instagram Story lover?