A year ago I wrote about letting go of your content and to be honest that really still stands. From a marketing perspective though, there are a few things I would now like to add.

Imagine a world where people do not look at the search engine results pages we know today, but rather ask their personal assistants, like Siri or Amazon Echo, to read results out to them. It might be just the first result, like an Answer Box about a specific question, or it might be a list of search results, to decide which one they might want to interact with further. Just like when scanning search results, brand recognition plays a huge role in this scenario, maybe even more so.

If my personal assistant reads me a list of results with associated domain names my decision will be heavily swayed by brand awareness. In a split second I’ll make a choice to go to a website I know, and like, rather than a higher ranking result I have never heard of.

So building your brand awareness and providing experiences and interactions that forge a long term relationships with users is key in this new marketing landscape. Like I mentioned on Twitter:

It is, and will be, crucial to happily let go of your content, and in doing so, build trust and longer lasting relationships with users.