This week, webmasters everywhere were hit with Google’s latest algorithm update, centred around being mobile-friendly.

Here at Base Creative we’ve been anticipating its arrival since Google’s announcement back in February. But wait, where is the update?

It’s pretty hard not to get swept up in all the excitement and imagine that as the algorithm rolls out, there’ll be some crazy fireworks, lots of people crowding around their computers, and rankings changing magically before our very eyes. Well, that hasn’t happened, (with this update anyway, there’s still hope!) because Google’s mobile-friendly update is on-going.

Hopefully you have a mobile-friendly site already, but if you don’t, never fear, as Google are evaluating whether sites are mobile-friendly or not when they’re crawled. You won’t have to wait until the next major update to rectify and pages which weren’t made mobile-friendly in time.

So, whether you’re mobile-friendly or not, you’ve eagerly checked the stats on release day, waiting to see your ranking skyrocket or fall miserably. However, you see no change, so you’re okay? You’ve done it? You’ve avoided the update? Wrong. Google have made it quite clear that you definitely won’t be able to see any effects of the update for a good week or so, which is when most pages will have been indexed.

Bit of an anti-climax isn’t it?

While changes might not be as dramatic as expected, we are still in a state of limbo until sites have been indexed by the new mobile bot. The times when we get to see which sites have made it through the changes, and which have suffered are yet to come.

Watch this space to see just what impact the mobile-update has had!