Senior backend developer

Base Creative is different than other digital agencies. We care deeply about our work and always aim to do the right thing, so we’ve designed the perfect environment to do the best work of your career.

We prefer to hire digital veterans and we won’t dictate your process. This means you’re in charge of solving the problem the best way you see fit, for us this usually involves lots of sketching, conversations and close collaboration. We’re very open to experimentation and encourage people to try new techniques.

We’re a mix of design thinkers, creative technologists and digital product champions. All of our team are client facing and they love helping our clients to achieve their goals through beautifully intuitive interfaces.

It’s demanding but rewarding work, and you’ll be stretched on a daily basis. You’ll also be supported and surrounded by a wonderful group of smart, friendly and engaging people. We really do want this to be the best place you’ve worked at and the best job you’ve had.

What we need

A LAMP stack developer, passionate about progressive enhancement and building things properly, capable of discussing with project managers and meeting the deadlines while delivering the best product possible. In order to keep a nice vibe in the office, we would love somebody with a good sense of humour.

Keeping a continuous conversation with the rest of the team is the best way to prevent unpleasant surprises in the process. Therefore, you should be able to analyse and be aware of the possible issues as well as make suggestions to adapt and improve the build of each product as soon as possible during the process.

These days, handheld devices are the most common way to access and use the web. That’s why it’s very important that you consider performance a main part of the design of the product and not just a feature.

We consider personal development very important, so attending conferences and local meet-ups is highly appreciated, as is any work on side projects and open source experiments.

Most of the time, you will be using our own CMS as well as WordPress, so it would be cool if you had some experience with template engines. Any Adobe Suite knowledge would be also be a bonus!

What we offer

A competitive salary in line with experience.

A chance to deliver very personalised work with a lot of flexibility.

A wide, updated selection of books to keep yourself updated too (e.g. the entire collection from A Book Apart).

A cutting-edge, renovated process that evolves with the team.

A yearly £500 conference budget to get tickets to any conference or workshop you want to attend. In addition, the days the conference take place will not account as holidays.

A £25/month fitness incentive.

20 days of weekday holidays, and the ability to swap days on the weekends for more holidays.

Please - no agency or third party enquiries in response to this job posting. Candidates only.