The Academic Development, Education and the Promotion of Teaching (ADEPT) department at Queen Mary University of London came to us for a new website. After hearing their requirements we distilled their brief down to the following question – ‘How quickly can we get our users to appropriate content?’. We held this question in mind throughout our strategy, design and development processes.

What’s our focus

The result is a website where the content takes centre stage, together with intuitive categorisation enabling users to create their own journey. Each piece of content has an associated curator, putting a face to each article and enhancing further the concept of interaction with the ‘people behind the programme’.

Users now feel empowered through personalisation, simplicity and support, with improved discoverability playing a key role in the quest for knowledge.

We’re absolutely thrilled with the site, and we launched it last week at our major teaching and learning conference to a fantastic reception!

Everyone wanted to know who had developed the site for us, and we’re delighted to have developed and launched a sector leading website. I have several colleagues who are very keen to follow our example!

We are enormously grateful for all of your hard work. It has been such a pleasure to work with everyone at Base Creative; your vision, passion and sheer talent have made our website even better than we possibly could have imagined.

Dr Caroline Walker, Acting Head of Educational Development, Queen Mary University