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Iain’s Top 9 Turing Fest Tweets

Turing Fest is one of Scotland’s biggest meet ups of tech minds, and includes some big (geek insider) names like Rand Fishkin and Oli Gardner.
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What would the best company in the world do?

This is what happened when two people got together and asked the question ‘What would the best company in the world do?’. The power of the Master Mind.
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20 must have headline phrases that will make you feel like a pro

Get some fantastic insight into which article headlines are real attention grabbers
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50 Days of Social Media

Get stuck in. Get it wrong. Try again. And get better.
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Become THE source of information

Becoming a trusted source of new content will make you to go-to person for industry content.
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Twice each year I go back to high school. Here’s why.

Entering a large networking event at a conference hall, somewhere in the plush green fields of Hertfordshire, I was fortunate to bump into my old business teacher from high school. Having only left school about 5 years previously, we both remembered each other and took the opportunity to catch up. The date was 2005.
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Online ads: Love them or hate them?

Is Ad Blocking software helpful or a hindrance? And what view should we take as marketers and advertisers?
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Back to basics with Twitter – top 8 tips

Twitter is about engagement, starting, building and maintaining relationships, and then leveraging those relationships.
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