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Online ads: Love them or hate them?

Is Ad Blocking software helpful or a hindrance? And what view should we take as marketers and advertisers?
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The unbelievable truth about why I chose to be an apprentice

Find out why I opted for an apprenticeship instead of heading to uni.
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You are killing me Facebook ads!

An article about the promises of Facebook advertising and the buts…..
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Emoji: history, emotion and psychology

Emoji. They’re everywhere you look, littered, you might say, throughout communication on every platform, but just how did this happen, and why do we love them so much?
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Website speed matters!

With the rise of new technology and as mobile phones rule our daily lives the way we consume websites is ever changing. One of the most important aspects of your website at this point in internet history is making sure it performs well across all devices.
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The future of websites – set your content free…

The way we consume content is changing. Here’s how, why and what we can do about it.
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My DuckDuckGo Investigation

With Google being so prominent in the land of search engines, it’s hard to imagine anyone new coming along and doing a good job. Well, this could be where DuckDuckGo comes into play.
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Title tags – how to achieve the best results

Title tags are often overlooked, they’re an afterthought. However, with some simple SEO tips you can write a great title tag in minutes.
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The mobile update is here. Or is it?

Find out our thoughts on the recent Google update causing chaos amongst webmasters and SEOs everywhere.
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