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Title tags – how to achieve the best results

Title tags are often overlooked, they’re an afterthought. However, with some simple SEO tips you can write a great title tag in minutes.
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The mobile update is here. Or is it?

Find out our thoughts on the recent Google update causing chaos amongst webmasters and SEOs everywhere.
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Back to basics with Twitter – top 8 tips

Twitter is about engagement, starting, building and maintaining relationships, and then leveraging those relationships.
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iOS 6 to 7 – a critique

Why did Apple make the change to IOS 7? Have they become a follower instead of a leader?
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Taking a stand against poor health

Many studies have shown that sitting for long periods leads directly to an increased risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, a variety of cancers and early death.
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It’s a pity and can be shitty, when designing by committee

Why does everyone want a say? Why do we need so many opinions when considering a project?
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Work life balance

Where will a life of being constantly connected to smart phones, tablets and other electronic devices lead us?
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Beginners guide to microcopy

It can be very easy to get lost in the design of our website and forget about the user’s experience
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The visual hierarchy

Our discussion about good web design and the secret to what makes a user stick around. There is more to design than making things look attractive.
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